Hi! Welcome to Moms in the Right. I’m Jill and I’m your host lol. By host I mean I am the hot mama that blogs around here hehe. I blog about anything and everything. If I think it’s relevant to my life, I figure that it is probably relevant to another moms life! I have a lot of life stories on here…and life lessons. As of right now I am currently dealing with being a new mother. Life is tough!! Let me tell you lol. I think I am getting through it ok though because I have a great supporting cast! By supporting cast I mean my family.

I have my husband, Mickey. And I also have a wonderful MUTT dog named Rexington. These two boys are my everything!!!

Some Of the Most Popular Articles on the Website

Pregnancy Miracle Review – This is a product that will help you naturally get pregnant. The online book is only available online and is written by a doctor named Lisa Collins. Lisa has apparently dealt with a lot of people who have had this issue. She started to make it her life mission to attempt to help people be able to conceive a baby. She says how joyful the experience is and wants to ensure she is able to help people. After years of research she found a few secrets that have now helped over 50,000+ moms be able to conceive. I heard about this product on a commercial and I give my official review for it here.